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Yoga and Ayurveda are the art and science of healing that deals with mind and body. In our center we integrate these   different therapies to prevent and treat with the aim of regaining optimal health.

We look forward to sharing with you these different techniques that we know and which will greatly improve your daily life. Browse the section below to learn more about our Wellness Center.


The words of my clients

What they say

Sunil Parihar is a versatile human being with many talents, hence the term "gifted" in his name. Sunil has achieved a lot in his life which is an interesting story to listen to.


Thank you Nathalie for being my teacher during this Ayurvedic massage and therapy course! it exceeded my expectations and the knowledge shared was of high quality! this course has just opened a door for a new practice, i can't wait now to put what i learned into practice..


Great cooking class, I learned how to make perfect chapati! I have already been able to make myself an Ayurvedic meal. Thank you again a thousand times and by the way it was the best Indian meal!



Thank you for what you sent !

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