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Isoz Nathalie
Ayurveda practitioner and yogini

Parihar Sunil

Sunil was born in a small village in medhya pradesh at Orchha in India.

He grew up in a family of farmers, his heart has a great connection with nature. 

When he was a 12 year old child, he had so many conflicts in his mind about family, life, God, love, money, poverty, wealth, etc. ...that He began a quest for answers.

the same year (at the age of 12) he left home. Life got even worse at first,   but his positive belief about life helps him to continue his journey and not give up on life: 


"if I was born on this planet, it is because there is life. It must be easy and beautiful in any case".

He had many teachers in India, but his greatest was himself. By his beliefs and his perseverance and his quest for "LIFE" 

He found his way in yoga and all these principles.   he became a master in breathing techniques, meditation, asana. He learned the traditional Indian martial art, kung-fu and how to create his own flow in a yoga dance.
All of these invaluable practices helped him get the answers to the questions he had when he started his journey. He gained a better understanding of all aspects of life. And now he lives a life of love, peace, joy, happiness, freedom and beauty.
He wants to share with you!


Nathalie started practicing yoga in 1998, when she was suffering from lower back pain. Yoga became a daily part of her life as she immediately felt the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of the practice. From there, it became her spiritual path.
Her first training was in Hatha Yoga, and her subsequent trainings were in Prana Flow and Yin. She has completed training in Switzerland and India. Yin Yoga was her inspiration for maintaining energy awareness.
Currently, she teaches Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga.
His intention as a teacher is to give an experience of infinity, to raise consciousness and to increase our conscious connection with the universe.

At the same age that yoga entered her life, she discovered Ayurveda. It helped him a lot to understand himself and how his body works. This fascinated her so much that she started her path in this field, and became an Ayurvedic counselor and therapist a few years later.

Yoga and Ayurveda allow her to stay in touch with herself. They help her continue to appreciate and honor this temple of the body every day.

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