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Our history

A seed story.... (seed in English)

The seed or journey of a small plant beginning in its pure seed form and finally manifesting as a huge tree.

We idealize this analogy of the seed and the tree to express human life, its growth and differences.

We are all small seeds at the base, and all have the potential to become a tree.

Autonomy, experience, energy and development programs are available in our school. We believe that human life is the greatest seed of possibility.

Each of us has the potential to become an awakened human filled with light, beauty, peace, love, happiness and joy. Like every seed keeps the possibility to turn into a tree and to bloom in the beauty of flowers and fruits.


The seed is the possibility of becoming a tree., but it must grow  in order to be able to touch the wind, see the open sky and enjoy the full moon, stars, birds and sing a song of life. The same is true for a human. To be a human in the true sense of the term, one must go through a process of self-understanding. Only then can one be a human and know the connection between the universal energy and oneself and connect more easily to one's real self.

When one connects to oneself, one experiences beauty, freedom, love and peace from a different perspective, just like a newborn innocent child.


SEED wellness center is on a mission to help you find yourself....Let's find each other first, then find each other. It's easier once you know who you really are to respect yourself, to make the possible changes and/or that you deem necessary. 

It is up to everyone to know their seed, to understand it, to learn how to plant it in their heart and the techniques that help it grow and go through different experiences on the journey towards self-understanding.

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